Our Mission

Nile Sun Travel is committed to providing the finest travel experience for our guests at competitive prices while working closely with the travel agency community.

We have travel specialists that speak every major language to make your experience easy.

The professional travel agent will find us very friendly, helpful and willing to make their tour package arrangements an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Nile Sun Hotels & Cruises

M/S Nile Ruby :

This exclusive five-star luxury ship is by far the best cruise ship on the River Nile.

It was designed by the exacting standards of the most talented Italian engineers, and was built with strict accordance to the rules & regulations of the American Bureau of Shipping.

Length 72.5 m, Width 14.5 m.

It boasts 70 well-appointed junior suites (21 square meters) & 02 Royal suites (40 square meters approx.).

There are a myriad of luxury features on this classic ship, such as: satellite TV, video system with feature movies, 3 classic bars, 1 piano bar, laundry service, international telephone, sundeck, hair dresser, private bath in each cabin in addition to a digital safe deposit box in each cabin, gift shop, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, full service restaurant and 24-hours room service.

We deal with some of the finest tour operators from around the world, your satisfaction is insured.

M/S Royal Ruby:

Joining the world of Nile Sun Nile Cruises after the great success of M/S Emerald 5* and M/S Ruby 5* Deluxe we now announce the Delivery of our 5* Grand Deluxe M/S Royal Ruby.

Just enjoy the luxurious travel on board the M/S Royal Ruby while sailing in one of the world’s most beautiful rivers.

The entire ship is built according to the rules and regulations of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), including all safety and insurance aspects as well as the hygiene standards


Resorts Nile Sun Hotels & Cruises has two fantastic 4 star resort hotel properties under construction close to completion.

The Nile Sun Resort at Marsa Allam and The Nile Sun Resort at El Quesir are both located on the picturesque and unspoiled Red Sea - a favorite location for beach lovers and water sport enthusiasts.

Both locations are deluxe properties with 300 well-appointed rooms.

Nile Sun Travel

Has an exclusive agreement with all major airlines, hotel chains and local hotels and Nile cruises in Egypt.

We have negotiated favorable rates that will get you the best value for money.

Nile Sun Transportation

Has a large fleet of late model motor coaches and minivans from reliable manufacturers such as, Mercedes, Scania, and Toyota.

We also have a group of Jeeps for exotic safari tours in Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh and the Sinai.

Why Nile Sun Travel

There is more than one reason to travel with Nile Sun Travel Egypt; here are our top priorities to travel with us!

    1. Experienced in tourism since 1955.
    2.  Guaranteed high quality service.

A huge foundation like Nile Sun Travel which was established nearly 55 years ago is proud of performing touristic activities since multiple years with great efficiency and an amazing standard.
Thanks to our constant efforts during this long period of time, the company gained valuable experience and a remarkable position in the field of international tourism. Our slogan is”Quality is Top Priority ".
The company is providing its guests with a great variety of outstanding programs and services; meet and assist throughout a tour. Upon arrival of your tour, after the customs formalities and your luggage collection, our company trained multi lingual guest relation staff will take care of you .We use modern, private, air-conditioned vehicles, we secure high standard of accommodation, select touristic sites professionally, by providing professional multi lingual expert guides. Last but not least, the management of the company is keen to evaluate the performance of its staff and the feedback of its clients to guarantee the high quality services.

    1.  Private Guided Tours
      Once, you have chosen any of our tours distinguished programs. You have submitted yourself to a professional and faithful tourist services. Actually you will find yourself in good hands which are capable of know how to handle professionally our multiple tour services. Any service extended to our guests is accurately tailored in a particular way to satisfy the individual needs. We do care for professional private guided tours, which is one of the priorities that characterize Nile Sun Travel.
      "Quality is top priority"
    2.  Money value & time
      We consider money and time important factors. Hence, we think seriously how we could best satisfy the wishes of our guests by still saving him/her money and time. We designed our programs, suitable for all trends. We also elaborate special tailored programs in a very professional way according to the requirements of our international clientele. Such programs are often a financial factor controlled by how long you want to stay and by your budget.
    3.  Guaranteed delivery of our confirmed programs.
      By choosing an international tour operator, you should always refer to his past experience. Nile Sun Travel a tourism company, established in 1955, is holding the official license, stamped by The Ministry of Tourism and classified as a category A, hence, one of the leading tour operators in Egypt. This fact is a proof how reliable and stable Nile Sun Travel stands on the Egyptian market.
      The efficiency and honesty of its management and staff is an additional guarantee and one of the company's commitments to fulfill its professional obligations in terms of Ethics and Trade. What we confirmed to our clients will be accurately delivered.
    4. We support environmental tourism.
      "We care for our people, we are environmentally oriented ".

Nile Sun Travel provides a great variety of touristic services focused on new interests which recently poured in and awoke the interest of us and our clients to increase confidence and efficiency to reach our common goal

 Our principles:

  • * The company is protecting its employees through a full payment equitable system.
  • * The company has a fair recruiting process which encourages also women and minorities to obtain their chance for a management positions. Besides this, we are restraining child labor.
  • * The company does care strongly for providing its staff with periodic advanced training courses covering all materials related to tourist activities besides stressing on the management of environment socio- cultural – health and safety practice.
  • * The company offers unique tourist services to accessible – physically handicapped and disabled clients. This type of tourist services is provided through our company on a distinguished level for the sensitivity of such activity. We feel that handicapped clients are equitable and should have the possibility to travel like any other person.
  • * Customers satisfaction is one of our prior elements. As pioneers and experienced tour operators for more than 55 years, it is our responsibility to ensure our ability in providing high standard of quality services which is only a reflection of our declared practical slogan (Quality is our top priority). Thus we assure utmost that our motive is to satisfy the needs of our guests.
  • * The company is in compliance with all relevant international and local regulations concerning health, safety, environmental and social and cultural aspects.
  • * We support curative tourism e.g. hot mineral springs and spas to enjoy the dry climate of Egypt. Furthermore we also provide cures of rheumatic and kidney diseases, sun bathing, enjoy hot white and black sands.
  • * Our exiting safari trips to the mysteries and wilderness of east and west deserts beside the fabulous and irresistible atmosphere of the oases.
  • * The trend to escape towards Wadi El Raha, the valley of the Wales or enjoy the tranquility up in the Sinai Mountains at St Catherine.
  • * Furthermore Nile Sun Travel administration has recently taken an impressive action towards the establishing of a new emerging organization responsible for E- Tourism.
  • * This organization is known as The International Organization for Electronic Tourism Industry (IOETI).
  • * This organization will play an effective role in the favor of the process of tourist business throughout the world.
  • * This is yet another privilege to serve the cause of sustainable tourism. The head of this organization is the chairman of Nile Sun Travel.
  • * At the same time the company is striven strongly by its clear vision and foresight to introduce a new product supported by the latest acquired facilities and an additional value for all communities
  • * All the above mentioned activities are sponsored by Nile Sun Travel and, certainly worth to consider. These are just a few practical steps Nile Sun Travel tours has taken as an actual partner compliant to the international call to support the functioning of sustainable tourism appropriately.
  1. Multi-lingual Staff
    Nile Sun Travel is dealing on an international basis and generates its client’s world wide. Our main Website is in English but, it also exists in, Spanish, and Italian language in order to facilitate communication between us and our clients, to avoid any possible misunderstanding or misleading information due to language problems.
    In the process of recruiting all our staff who eventually will be the direct link between Nile Sun Travel and our guests, a sever criterion is applied by Nile Sun Travel. All chosen candidates will have to correspond to the specific high standard required by Nile Sun Travel.
  2. Secured Online Payment
    We accept online payments in multi-currencies and languages. It’s easy, fast, secure and free.After the final agreement with your true consultant, you can make an online payment to the company account via credit card (Visa™ or MasterCard™ card are accepted) or Bank transfer.Our Website chose VeriSign SSLfor secure e-commerce and confidential communications.
  3. Flexibility
    This is maybe the most favorite term Nile sun Travel tours applies to all its tourist activity. Flexibility is an acquired attitude which depends originally on the mentality of the management and staff who conducts this sensitive activity. If they are unable to respond to the reasonable requirements of their guests, they would be considered dogmatic and narrow minded to run such dynamic business. Reliability, honesty and trust, these are the components which links us with our guests and constitute a solid tie for our continuous excellent relationship with our guests

Nile Sun Travel Policy

Economic Responsibility:

  1.  Sightseeing tours are operated and led by local guides. Also, we use local drivers and all arrangements of tours are made by local staff.
  2.  We encourage clients to buy handmade artifacts from the local producers like perfume, papyrus, carpets and pharaonic gold or silver souvenirs.
  3. Tours include a visit to the local markets like Khan El Khalili Bazaar in Cairo, Souk in Luxor and Aswan.
  4.  We are interested in training our local staff by giving them leadership courses, emotional intelligence courses, language courses in addition to tourism courses.
  5.  We use locally owned hotels and restaurants.

Environmental Responsibility:

  1. All places visited are to be left as we found them. No piece of paper is to be left behind. Also, our local staff in Bahariya and the White Desert share with the government annually to clean the areas used as a camp for tourists.
  2. Also, all our modern air-conditioned cars are provided with baskets for rubbish in addition to environmental filter on the exhaust pipe of the cars.
  3. Local guides and tour operators are not allowed to smoke during work and smoking is completely forbidden even inside the company.
  4. Through our weekly meeting, we advise department's managers to ensure that all operations have minimal impact on the environment. E.g. we decided not to use car horns during driving like what usually happened here in the Egyptian streets. Not only did we decide to do that for our Company cars but also for our private cars to minimize noise pollution. Also, we discussed how to be an example to the others. For example, Incase you see a paper in the historical places with tourists or even with your family and friends, immediately pick it up from the ground and put it the basket. Our aim is “Please keep your town clean.”
  5. We are badly concerned to advise travellers not to damage coral reefs during diving or snorkelling in the Red Sea. Our diving guides and tour guides keep advising travellers not to touch or remove coral reef explaining the value of it.
    6. We support eco-tourism in Egypt and do our best to deal with eco-hotels and resorts in Egypt whenever it is available e.g. Maras Alam ecology Safari villages and Coral Coast Hotel in Dahab. Also we have already eco-camp in Bahariya Oasis but still under construction. At Eco-accommodation, you will stay in an environmentally friendly eco-village, built by local masons with local stone using traditional methods. For accommodations in Marsa Alam or Dahab, we give choices to be at tents or hotels with domed rooms. Tents are provided with electricity and locally made furniture with the Egyptian style. Toilets and Shower is short walk. We keep advising travellers to conserve water and put tissues in the pin. Dome- rooms have thick walls to keep rooms cold. In Dahab hotel, all staff is local but at Marsa Alam hotels, most staff is local not all. Both of them use local furniture and conserve the environment.
  6.  Listening to travellers’ advice concerning environmental issues and improve our services

Social Responsibility:

  1.  Nile Sun Travel staff provides travellers before their arrival with accurate information concerning the social customs, traditions and suitable clothes of each destination.
  2.  Employees, in Nile Sun Travel Egypt, are from the local communities. This helps to overcome the problem of unemployment in Egypt.
  3.  We train local students during summer holidays concerning tourism principles and how to deal with tourists. After finishing their studies, we took most of them to be our staff.
  4.  We are specialized in providing tours for handicapped travellers and do our best to make everything accessible for them.