Taba is a paradise of deluxe holiday resorts, Taba overlooks the legendary beautyof the Red Sea on Egypt's famed "Riviera," the Gulf of Aqaba.
There is not much to do outside the resort hotels just a few shops, restaurants plus a championship golf course and a free shuttle bus that runs between the hotels... But slowly and surely more shops and restaurants are opening up each year. So if you enjoy lazing by the pool or on the beach with your family and friends, and a quiet drink of an evening this is the ideal place for you. If you have visited Egypt before, but were put off by the constant hassle of touts and beggars. Taba will seem like a breath of fresh air.

The small town of Taba is located at the top of the Gulf of Aqaba between the mountains and plateau of Eastern Taba from one side and the water of the Gulf of Aqaba from the other side. Taba is located 240 kilometers to the North of the famous resort of Sharm El Sheikh. The town has a very strategic position near the borders of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Israeli which borders are located on the edge of the City of Taba.

The city of Taba has a rich modern history and the city’s history started in 1892 when Khedive Tawfiq died and the Ottoman rulers in Istanbul had to assign Abbas Helmy ll to rule Egypt. The Sultan Abdel Al Hamid ll wanted to lessen the British presence in Egypt so he gave orders, or a Faraman, to prevent Egypt from having shores on the Gulf of Al Aqaba. This issue was called the “Farman”. This issue was over when Topkapı Palace gave its orders to give Egypt exact Eastern borders with Rafah at the North and Taba at the South.

The Ottoman rulers wanted to put a number of soldiers and two canons in the location of the modern city of Taba nowadays. However, the Ottomans had to go back on this. Afterwards, the British authorities decided to draw exact borders of Egypt and off course it included Taba and its shores.