Egypt is one of the African countries which characteristic by a cool weather during all the year.

This is because of it is near to the red sea & Mediterranean Sea.

The geographical location of Egypt makes the tourists from all over the world feel the enjoyment during their traveling to Egypt.

The moderate weather in Egypt is one of the most important factors/elements which encourage the tourists to visit Egypt during all times of the year to enjoy the marvelous sunny weather which missed in their countries.

The weather in Egypt based on 02 main seasons, the summer season from May to October & the winter season from November to April.

In Desert temperature range of temperature average from 0° C at night and as high as 18° C during the day in winter.

And from 7° C at night to 43° C during the day in Summer, While in the coastal areas, temperatures range between an average minimum of 14 ° C in winter and an average maximum of 30° C in summer.

Weather in Egypt:

  1. Heat: The temperature reaches the lowest in the month of January in all parts of the country and the average daily temperature start to be increased after the month of February to reach it’s peak at month of July allover the country. This averarge reach to 33.2 ° C in Aswan. While in Alexandria and coastal cities the month of maximum temperature is Month of August that because the Sea water temperature rises slowly during the summer on dry ground.
  2. TheHumidity: The humidity reach to it’s maximum in Egypt at coastal areas during the summer season and at internal areas during winter season. The reasons for this phenomenon are due to the reduction of temperatures in the internal areas during winter season. For example the temperatures of Alexandria lower than Cairo during winter season, and nicer than Cairo during summer season.
  3. Wind: The wind is blowing on Egypt during the year coming from the north-westerly direction. It’s a wind coming from the meditrenean sea make the temprature very nice in Egypt. and the effect of this wind is very clear and strong at the northern areas of Egypt. During summer season hot winds blowing, coming from the desert to the south-easterly direction and the south-western full of dust in a fixed period each year for 50 days it’s called (Khamasis ), it’s the most famous wind in Egypt.
  4. TheRain: Rain in Egypt is due to the winter storms in General. Alexandria is considered the most rainy place in Egypt as it’s subject to winter storms. Estimated rain in Rosetta about 152 Mm, in Damietta 124 Mm while in Port Said 92 Mm. Average annual rainfall that falls on the northwest coast of the Delta between 175 – 200 Mm.

Weather Tips:

Put into your consideration the season of your traveling time to Egypt during the winter or during the summer season.

So if you will visit Egypt during the hot summer season bring with you light cotton and Comfortable clothes, Sandals, sunblock, cap, umbrella, swimsuit & sunglasses specially if you plan to go to the Egyptian beaches such as Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, Dahab,…etc

In winter the weather is sunny during the day and cold at night generally, so try to bring with you heavy & woolly clothes, especially if you plan to visit the Egyptian desert, as it’s very cold at night and cover your head all the time during your trip to the desert.

Also don’t forget your umbrella and tissue paper during the winter.

And it will be better if you bring with you eye drops for the dust to use it during your tours in Egypt.