This popular resort is located 135 Km south of Al-Qusseir and 270 Km south of hurghada, and is connected to Edfu by a 289 Km long desert road.
Due to the proximity of Luxor and the shrine of Abu AI-Hassan AI-Shazli, it has become a big tourist centre, which avails the tourist of the many monumental sites and its exotic beaches.
Marsa Alam is a port and a resort located on the red sea in the Eastern South of Egypt, 700 kilometers away from Cairo and 280 kilometers away from Hurghada. The city transformed from being just a small fishing village to become a famous sea resort and a center for diving and sea trips as the city contains matchless coral reefs and diving spots.
Marsa Alam also has an airport located 60 kilometers to the North of the city and can serve more than 50 thousand passenger, which added to the huge development that the city went through.

Flights from different European countries, especially Italy, come straight to Marsa Alam international airport with hundreds of tourists who chose Marsa Alam to spend their vacation.

Other than more commercial cities like Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, the beauty of Marsa Alam is still untouched with the harmful effects of modernization.
Marsa Alam mainly consists of two villages: Bernice, a small city located 178 kilometers to the North of Al Qausier, which is famous for therapeutic tourism and the village of Abu El Hassan Al Shazly which has a famous Islamic center and doesn't really have anything that might interest tourists.

But what about the center of the city of Marsa Alam itself?
The plan for the city of Marsa Alam indicates that by the year 2020, it will host more than 60 thousand people and the city will provide more than 17 thousand working opportunity.
The Egyptian government gave special attention to Marsa Alam during the last few years because of many reasons.

The first reason is that the city has the most remarkable diving and snorkeling spots in Egypt.

The second reason is the weather in Marsa Alam which is moderate all year long especially in the beginning of the winter when you can swim in the sea while other people in other cities suffer from the cold weather.

The third reason is that Marsa Alam is located near the Nile Valley and near Luxor in particular which makes it possible for tourists who visit Luxor to come to Marsa Alam and vice versa.

Marsa Alam has significant economical importance as it hosts many of the key gold and marble mines in Egypt.

This is besides the Marsa Alam sea port that was developed immensely over the last few years.